My Room


My Room is a collaboration tool used to perform Group Chat, initiate a Conference Call using a Conference Bridge, or to perform Desktop Sharing with multiple people. You can enter another contact’s Room as a guest or invite contacts to join your Room. With Connect, you can easily launch and join My Room meetings to collaborate with colleagues and external contacts. One touch gets you securely into the meeting without dial-in numbers or access codes.

How do I host a My Room session?

To initiate a My Room session from Connect, from the main menu, tap Call Room. You will be connected to your configured conference bridge and your moderator pin will be entered automatically.

How do I join a colleague’s My Room session?

  1. To join another colleague’s My Room session, find the contact in Favorites, Groups or Directory.
  2. Select Call Room. You will be dialed into their audio conference and the conference ID will be entered automatically.